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Clarion County, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bagnell, Ida Rebecca  Dec 1858Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1073
2 Brinker, Anna Maria  1797Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3370
3 Burns, Francis S.  29 Jan 1907Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2696
4 Burns, Homer Alonzo  11Sep 1896Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4099
5 Craig, Colonel Calvin Augustus  07 Dec 1833Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4196
6 Craig, Harvey McCain  3 Feb 1860Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4124
7 Hartman, Roland Clinton  08 Dec 1877Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4212
8 Hawk, Vae M.  About 1904Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4220
9 Helper, Laura Jane  18 Feb 1863Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3903
10 Hull, Nancy Elvira  1836Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4135
11 Kinser, Jesse Evans  14 Mar 1858Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4147
12 Lobaugh, Clarissa A.  1851Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3776
13 Lobaugh, Elmer E.  1865Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3777
14 McKinney, Floyd L.  29 Jan 1909Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3664
15 McKinney, Leroy Ralph  1948Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4369
16 McKinney, Velma A.  18 Feb 1944Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4333
17 Milligan, Lillie Jane  6 Nov 1887Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1772
18 Mohney, Charles Andrew  17 Dec 1842Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9898
19 Myers, Blanche  01 May 1875Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3830
20 Pence, Mildred Emma  24 Oct 1902Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3802
21 Polliard, Charles Leslie  22 May 1870Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3853
22 Polliard, Emma Alverda  23 Jul 1879Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3857
23 Pollock, James  1813Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9843
24 Pollock, James Montgomery  15 Sep 1849Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9846
25 Pollock, Margaret Ann  2 Jan 1861Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9849
26 Pollock, Mary Elizabeth  2 Nov 1851Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9847
27 Pollock, Samuel Stewart  19 Jun 1855Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9850
28 Pollock, Thomas  5 Sep 1844Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9845
29 Stewart, Bortley Bruce  03 Oct 1897Clarion County, Pennsylvania I1193
30 Stewart, Don Washington  1897Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2968
31 Stewart, Effie Coral  03 Jan 1877Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3958
32 Stewart, Elizabeth  25 Aug 1818Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9844
33 Stewart, Frank C.  14 Jan 1918Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3640
34 Stewart, Leslie Clayton  6 May 1867Clarion County, Pennsylvania I0473
35 Stewart, Monroe  25 Apr 1853Clarion County, Pennsylvania I0468
36 Stewart, Olive Edith  01 Jul 1875Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3950
37 Stewart, Smiley  1836Clarion County, Pennsylvania I0543
38 Walls, Anna  21 Feb 1860Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3799
39 Walls, Elmer P.  27 Aug 1864Clarion County, Pennsylvania I0362
40 Walls, Willis  23 Feb 1862Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3800
41 Weeter, Mary J.  10 May 1838Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3868


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burns, Homer Alonzo  22 Feb 1933Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4099
2 Craig, Amanda  17 Dec 1855Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4122
3 Craig, Harvey McCain  1 Oct 1919Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4124
4 Craig, James  31 Jan 1900Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4118
5 Craig, Thomas H.  24 Dec 1937Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4125
6 Delp, Edgar M.  9 Dec 1977Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2418
7 Delp, Henry William  Feb 1969Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2393
8 Ditty, James  08 Jan 1861Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4033
9 Hartman, David Howard  16 Feb 1952Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4207
10 Hartman, Elisha  11 Apr 1882Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4150
11 Hartman, Lewis  27 May 1904Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4205
12 Humphrey, Elizabeth Ellen  07 Dec 1937Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4206
13 McKinney, Gertrude Edna  5 May 1977Clarion County, Pennsylvania I0016
14 McKinney, Sarah  26 Apr 1868Clarion County, Pennsylvania I0055
15 Mohney, Adam  25 Dec 1857Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9895
16 Morgan, Anna Sarah  28 Feb 1866Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4202
17 Nail, David  19 Feb 1891Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4201
18 Pollock, Samuel Stewart  18 Aug 1861Clarion County, Pennsylvania I9850
19 Pyle, Jeremiah  30 May 1962Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3529
20 Richards, Mary  07 Feb 1841Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4142
21 Stewart, Don Washington  2 Mar 1975Clarion County, Pennsylvania I2968
22 Stewart, Robert II  1871Clarion County, Pennsylvania I0144
23 Vogel, Lillian A.  5 Mar 1979Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3527


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 McKinney, Leroy Ralph  1966Clarion County, Pennsylvania I4369


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 McDonald, George Williams  Clarion County, Pennsylvania I3656


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McDonald / Stewart  21 Feb 1912Clarion County, Pennsylvania F1101
2 McKinney / Hartman  18 May 1893Clarion County, Pennsylvania F0754
3 Pollock / Stewart  30 Jul 1842Clarion County, Pennsylvania F3372
4 Walls / Pence  31 Oct 1923Clarion County, Pennsylvania F1152
5 Walls / Stewart  25 Dec 1889Clarion County, Pennsylvania F0210
6 Young / Stewart  Clarion County, Pennsylvania F1214

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