The question remains, did Rebecca Galbraith (1698-1749) marry Alexander Stewart, the fourth son of Colonel William Stewart of the Noble Stewart line? The earliest reference to this marriage that I have found in over 30 years of research appears in “A Family of Millers and Stewarts” by Dr. Robert F. Miller, St. Louis, Missouri, August, 1909. Others who have referred to this marriage cite Miller’s work or that of Heber Ivo Rankin, who copied Miller’s work. At this time, I have not, nor has anyone I know, been able to document this marriage. There is no record of Alexander’s death. Miller is in error in citing the letters of J. H. Stewart as his authority on this marriage and further, that the grandchildren of son Alexander Stewart later came to Wayne County, Ohio. While we may never know the answer to this, I have elected to treat Alexander Stewart, married to Rebecca Galbraith, as the son of Colonel William Stewart and great-grandson of Sir William Stewart (1582-1646) of the Noble Stewart line. Miller also made a fundamental error with respect to the marriage and the descendants of William Stewart, a son of the Lieutenant William Stewart marriage. These items are discussed in some detail in a memorandum, “The Search for William Stewart II” that appears under Histories on this web site and in the Notes Section of Alexander Stewart.

Ramelton was built between 1609 and 1622. Before that there was a castle here which stood on the water's edge and belonged to a relative of the O'Donnell, Lord of Tirconaill.

Sir William Stewart(1582-1646), given land by King James VI(1566-1625), extended the castle and then built the town with 45 houses along a paved street, a Reformation church and a corn mill.